Books read, by year

A selection of books I've read each year. Appearance in this list is not necessarily an endorsement, but does indicate that it is at least worth highlighting. Some listings will include a review or comments.

Book covers and metadata courtesy Open Library, Google Books, and/or Google Play Books.


Project Hail Mary cover
Here We are cover
Eat a Peach cover
Overrated cover
How to Fight Racism cover
Craft Coffee: a Manual cover


Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat cover
Reading While Black cover
The Color of Compromise cover
Sid Meier's Memoir! cover
Outland cover
We Are Legion (We Are Bob) cover
Superman Smashes the Klan cover
The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee cover
I'm still here cover
Interior Chinatown cover
How Charts Lie cover
Dragon Hoops cover
Oh Crap! Potty Training cover
They Called Us Enemy cover
Adorning the Dark cover